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What I am

What I like

red wine / Earl Grey tea / winter / logics

What I loathe

ilogicalness / hot weather / fluorescent light

My hobbies

travels / gadget teardowns / cooking / reading

About Osamu Kubota

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, Osamu Kubota got an early start in music with piano lessons at the age of four. His many linguistic interests (Kubota currently speaks five languages) led him to pursue a degree in French literature from the University of Tokyo, resulting in a brief stint living in France where he was able to make his major record debut with a band.

He spent most of the ’80s and ’90s as a mainstream composer and arranger before making his way into scoring for film and television throughout Japan and China. He got his break in videogames contributing to the blockbuster BEATMANIA rhythm game franchise by Konami which has seen an eclectic mix of contributions from Kubota ranging from jazz and classical to electronic and experimental. As with his multilingual character, Kubota’s newly interpreted classic/jazz spiked with ethnic flavors are loved by young players as “a gateway to the world.” He has gone on to compose for some of the biggest MMORPG titles in Asia, including GRANADO ESPADA: SWORD OF THE NEW WORLD and THE HEAVEN OF THREE KINGDOMS and stays active as an arranger and orchestrator for major concert productions and recording sessions such as those for KINGDOM HEARTS, RAGNAROK ONLINE, and the BEMANI SYMPHONY concert. Recently Kubota had the honor of serving as Musical Director for the GALAXY EXPRESS 999 theatrical stage performance by the world-renowned manga artist Leiji Matsumoto. He continues to work with and record ensembles and full orchestras all over the world.

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その後独立、TV番組・映画のサントラを中心に活動。2000年コナミ社の音楽ゲーム『beatmania IIDX』に 提供した”presto”のヒットを皮切りにリズムゲームへの楽曲提供、さらにMMORPGのサントラへと活動範 囲を拡げる。

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My favourite quote

A good door needs no lock,
Still it can’t be opened.
A good mooring needs no knot,
Still no one can untie it.

– Lao Tzu